Saturday, October 10, 2009

Weigh- In #1


Let's cut to the chase- weighed in at WW today at 177.4. That's .4 down from last week. Last week I did my starting weigh-in at my house and on Wednesday weighed in at my house at 175. Didn't change anything from Wednesday to Saturday- so either the scale at my house and Weight Watchers are different, or bigger portions started creeping in. Honestly, it's probably the latter.

Anyway, a loss is a loss and I'm taking it!

This week, I: ate Paleo 95%, tracked calories with Loose It on my iphone and came out under calories, worked out everyday except Tuesday (Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, and running), and ate a good amount of raw veggies.

This coming week I'm going to get real honest on portion sizes and really work on intuitive eating. I'm going to always eat LESS than I think I want and see how I feel, and only after reassessing my hunger will I go back for more. I'm adopting a little "premeal prayer: Eat with awarness".

This is a life skill I must learn and truly will be what makes, or breaks me so to speak on my quest for optimal health.

That being said, I also posted a Utube video on motivation and feeding the right wolf (positive thinking). Go to Utube and check it out- it's under "Lifewithjades".


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