Friday, October 9, 2009

Chicken Salad....and pickles

Hey Guys,

My sister and nephew are in town from Ohio so the last few days have been really fun. I love having them around, I'm on a constant mission to get her here permanently...all I need to do is find a great job for her husband, and a house- and sell their house in Columbus- not big deal :-)'

I just saw that a friend of mine is on the cover of a magazine for photography, just seeing this is so inspiring. It somehow makes me feel like my dreams are closer to becoming a reality- knowing someone who has done it. Seeing others make it is truly motivating for me.

Today was my Zumba day exercise-wise. I love this class- it's perfect for me. I adore dancing, Latin music, and exercise- so it's a perfect combo. I'd like to get certified when I'm closer to goal and pursue teaching these classes. I have also picked up some yoga classes to incorporate more deep stretching and flexibility exercises into my routine. I've only done two of these classes, but can tell a difference. I am a firm believer that deep stretching and proper breathing is vital to anyone's exercise routine.

I've been thinking about my dreams a lot lately, namely career-wise and how I am going to accomplish them. I realized something pretty profound for me: there's no need to fret over how it's all going to work out- as long as I am true to myself anything I do will reflect the person I am.
That's a real relief, everything will have me in it- if I do the best I can and act with integrity.

Nice eh?

Okay, sister wants chicken salads with a double side of -yes you guessed it- pickles.

Here's to Dreams!

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