Saturday, October 24, 2009

Health: Weigh-in #3

Hello Hello!

Drum roll please, it's my official weigh-in for October 24th 2009! I can almost hear the drums if I listen close enough :-)

Today I weighed in at 178.6 lb. This is a 2# from last week's weight in. Yeah :-)

There's a moral in this story: I persevered throughout a minor set-back and did not use it as a justification to blow my plan. I gained weight the week before last, and instead of using that to dig myself into a hole and throw a pity party I was honest about what had occurred and then disciplined myself to get honest and straight.

I have changed my operating basis. I used to use set-backs as a justification to fail; I no longer do that. Now, I confront the situation and perceive what occurred and march onward. Big step.

I wish the same for you all!

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