Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Celebration of Madeline

Hello Friends,

I'd like to share a special event in my life, and the story of a best friend.

My beloved Persian, Madeline, has passed away and I wanted to pass along her joy, and tell you her story as part of her "Life Celebration".

I used to live in Hollywood, California and was working a tremendous amount and going through a very challenging period. It was the first time I had been without any of my beloved animals and I was in dire need of a furry friend :-) I set out to find the perfect mate, and Madeline is who I found. It was love at first sight when I saw her on the Humane Society website and in a matter of hours, she was at home with me.

Maddie was a beautiful, dainty Persian. Everyone who saw her loved her, even big gruff men who were avowed "dog only" people. It was impossible to be around her and not fall for her- she's just so endearing. People would come over and instantaneously be smitten with her- she just exuded a feeling of joy and happiness all the time.

For me, Maddie was my serenity. She would crawl into my lap when I was working and just hang out while I typed away. In the evening when I'd be in bed reading she would come sit on my lap and just purr. Even at night, she'd sleep on the pillow next to me, or even on my back or stomach. No matter how busy, sad, stressed, or upset I was- Maddie would come to me and "pur" her serenity. She was there for me during very difficult times, and also during great times of happiness and joy. We had lots of fun times and great laughs. She was a family member, and all of my other family members- the humans- adored her :-). My Mom and she were great friends, and my sister would visit me and come see Maddie whenever she could. I also have friends that would come over to see me, but always want to know where Maddie was so they could spend time with her. One of my Mom's friends would come over often and ask if she could just pick her up and hang out for awhile!

I want to thank Ms. Madeline for being here for me and our family. I want her to know she will always be with me and I love her dearly. She was a true friend to me, and brought me joy.

I can't imagine a better little kitty to celebrate, what a little lady.

I love you Maddie,

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  1. I am sorry for your loss. It is very sweet how she touched your life.