Monday, June 7, 2010

Countdown to Summer

Whew, the countdown to summer is official. We've crossed from sweet May into scorching June here in Texas. This is further complicated by the fact that my air conditioning has died and I've been enduring our 95-105 degree days the old fashioned way. Afternoon siestas are becoming the more intelligent choice and I find myself craving small breeze- field cafes mid-afternoon.

I've been putting a lot of attention on keeping my blood sugar stable. For me, this included going cold turkey on all sweeteners (including my beloved Stevia sweetened drinks for the time being).

I'm on Day 7 and feeling quite good. I notice that I am sleeping better (well unless I wake up because of the heat and have to take a mid-night/ morning shower), my cravings are subsiding, and my overall feeling of wellness is improved. I have completely cut out all refined carbs, juices, sweets, and starchy vegetables. I'm going to keep at this for this entire month and July and retest my sugars with the full glucose test and see the difference.

Exercise wise I'm continuing with the Strong Lifts program which I love. If you haven't checked out this weight lifting protocol, I highly recommend it. It's efficient, quick, challenging- I'm also trying to take advantage of the Zumba and Yoga classes at the Y. I love these classes, some of the ones I took in Mex just weren't the same.

Okay, I'm rambling so I can suck all the air conditioning in this office into my body crazily hoping it will somehow stay with me as I enter into the wrath of air-conditionnessless summer.......

Have you heard the incredible news about Mexico? One of the TV industry leaders has announced he will no longer feature murders, crime, rapes, sex type stuff, etc. on his TV programs. He's "cutting out the junk" and going to offer free air time to organizations and people that actually help. The only bad news will be informative, for example if there's an earthquake- on a need to know basis. Incredible isn't it- I hope we follow that foot steps.

Besos Amigo