Monday, May 24, 2010

The Great Blood Sugar Experiment

Inspired recently by Jimmy Moore, at Livin' La Low Carb Vida, I decided to read Dr. Bernstein's latest book. Dr. Bernstein is the father of handling diabetes through low-carb living. He is a visionary and real pioneer.

Not only did Jimmy introduce me to Dr. Bernstein's work, he recently did blood sugar testing himself over the course of a day. This inspired me to do the same and the results turned out quite interesting.

Below you will see them. These irregularities spurred me to do a home diabetes test. My results were within the Glucose Intolerance, or Pre-Diabetic range. I was at 192 for the first hour testing, and 147 for the second. The normal range for the first hour (after eating) is 140, and second is 120. Diabetes is 200 at the first testing. I am so thankful to Mr. Moore for inspiring me to take my blood sugar levels. This has proven to be very useful information and given me some real insight into my body. I am now know that I was on my way to diabetes and am so thankful to know I where I stand and how I can prevent it. This is a true gift...

6:45am 88
Spring Run
7:45am 93
4oz wild caught salmon lox with 3 pieces of cucumber strips (about 1/3 of a cucumber)
9:45am 101
10:45 101
12:45 101
Taco salad (no taco) lettuce, tomato, 1/2 cup guacamole, about 2 oz beef fajita meat, and salsa
2:45pm 105
3:45pm 107
5:48pm 87
Gluten free/ casein free/ antibiotic free salami (4 oz) and 1 stevia sweetened diet cola
7:45 99
8:00 chicken (roasted) leg and wing, with olive oil/ parsely/ basil sauce, 1 cup of lettuce. 1/2 avocado with unsweetened coco powder and stevia made into a "pudding"
10:00pm 100
11:15pm 105

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ocean Side Thoughts.......

Hola, Buenas Dias.

It's a beautiful Friday morning here in South Padre, Texas.

Ever since reading, "The Primal Blueprint" I've wanted to do sprints on a beach and today was my day! It was lovely- running along the waves; definitely beats a treadmill. After my sprints I did squats, push-ups, and planks. I don't have a gym at my condo so this will have to do. Follow that with an invigorating swim and I feel amazing.

I decided to take a quick trip down to see my father- it's been an adventure: a lovely, difficult, relaxing, self-growth promoting adventure; just the stuff good life is made up of.

My entire life my Dad has struggled with alcohol. I've known him as an alcoholic my entire life, but not a drunk. He always worked and was functional. I haven't spent much one on one time with him over the last few years. I moved around the US, he stayed in Austin. The elephant in the room has always been his addiction and it wedged between us creating a discomfort I wasn't able to penetrate.

Over the last year or so I've made a real concerted effort to rehabilitate our relationship (although I'm not sure in his eyes there was ever anything wrong). I've gotten much closer to him and spending time one on one with him is a big step. It takes a lot of nerve on my behalf, a willingness to weather the long silences and awkward moments. The times when he looks at me with surprise as if he doesn't know me or I'm stranger; questions about me that anyone who knows me knows the answer to; comments about me that were relative fifteen years ago but have since expired...A while back I went on a road trip with him- a big step. Coming to the beach with him-even a bigger step.

He's retired now and spends a lot of time down here, it's safe to say he actually lives here about half the year. I have enjoyed meeting his friends- you can learn a lot about someone by how those around react to him. They are good people and it's obvious my Dad is loved; but it's also painfully obvious that he is a drunk, and so are his friends.

While I'm used to being his designated driver (he used to say he couldn't wait until I had my license and he held me to it), I am not used to him being a drunk. Of course, living with an alcoholic I've seen him wasted. But this is different. His alcoholism has taken a dangerous plunge, one that I fear will see no return. He antics are those of a college age boy in Cancun- delirious, stumbling, loud, irrational. It's a hard situation to look your Dad in his eyes and not see him there, but glazed over eyes of a strange man peering back. I don't know the man he becomes- but I do know it's not my father.

In a sober moment I told him that I care about him and love him deeply and asked him to please take good care of himself because I want him around. He laughed nervously- but I know he heard me. Matter of fact, he went a day and a half booze free after that conversation.

Unfortunately last night saw the demons arrive again.

This has been a real growth experience for me. In the past, I would be so scared I would run to food for comfort. Now, I am able to face my emotions and push through them. I recently read that your body's appearance is a reflection of the beliefs you have about yourself. This resonates with me and it is helping to affirm the changes I've made in my belief system. It is a real win for me to be able to face the pain and uncertainty, and even fear related to seeing my Dad drunk and feel it. Not run or squash it, but be there- and perceive what is occurring. Food might temporarily numb me, but does nothing to handle the situation at hand.

Being able to speak my peace to my Dad and articulate my concern, while still loving him unconditionally and enjoying all the good that is there brought me peace, self growth, and acceptance. Now that's what I call a good vacation.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Te Amo

Good Evening,

It's an especially lovely spring evening here in Austin. The high 80's day has relaxed into a cool, breezy, evening. The sprinkler is singing it's rhythmic hiss and I'm enjoying the Spanish classic "Si Tu Estas Aqui" by Rosana. It's one of my favorite songs, poetry.

Lifestyle wise I am doing well. I am back on track once again, after adding more fruit to my diet started a snowball that ended with chocolate and ice cream. At this point on my weight loss journey, fruit really needs to be limited. It starts cravings for sugar which leads to over eating and sugar binges. I can tell when it begins because I suddenly begin to think more about food. I prefer freedom from such thoughts and so for now I will continue to keep in around in very limited degrees. Refined sugar is totally out.

Workout wise, thanks to a friend over on Mark's Daily Apple, I've started a weight training routine called Strong Lifts 5*5. I am really, really loving it and can feel my body getting stronger. I am very much looking forward to comparing stats at the end of this month.

Spiritual wise I am fantastic. I've started taking HTP to handle low- serotonin levels (Mood Cure by Julia Ross) and feel a definite difference. I also started Iodine supplementation and my hands and feet seem to be less cold.

Emotionally I am on top of the world. I've fallen in love and am seeing life from the eyes of a blissfully happy girl.

Life is good amigos- I hope yours is too.