Monday, May 24, 2010

The Great Blood Sugar Experiment

Inspired recently by Jimmy Moore, at Livin' La Low Carb Vida, I decided to read Dr. Bernstein's latest book. Dr. Bernstein is the father of handling diabetes through low-carb living. He is a visionary and real pioneer.

Not only did Jimmy introduce me to Dr. Bernstein's work, he recently did blood sugar testing himself over the course of a day. This inspired me to do the same and the results turned out quite interesting.

Below you will see them. These irregularities spurred me to do a home diabetes test. My results were within the Glucose Intolerance, or Pre-Diabetic range. I was at 192 for the first hour testing, and 147 for the second. The normal range for the first hour (after eating) is 140, and second is 120. Diabetes is 200 at the first testing. I am so thankful to Mr. Moore for inspiring me to take my blood sugar levels. This has proven to be very useful information and given me some real insight into my body. I am now know that I was on my way to diabetes and am so thankful to know I where I stand and how I can prevent it. This is a true gift...

6:45am 88
Spring Run
7:45am 93
4oz wild caught salmon lox with 3 pieces of cucumber strips (about 1/3 of a cucumber)
9:45am 101
10:45 101
12:45 101
Taco salad (no taco) lettuce, tomato, 1/2 cup guacamole, about 2 oz beef fajita meat, and salsa
2:45pm 105
3:45pm 107
5:48pm 87
Gluten free/ casein free/ antibiotic free salami (4 oz) and 1 stevia sweetened diet cola
7:45 99
8:00 chicken (roasted) leg and wing, with olive oil/ parsely/ basil sauce, 1 cup of lettuce. 1/2 avocado with unsweetened coco powder and stevia made into a "pudding"
10:00pm 100
11:15pm 105

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