Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mi Mexico, la poema

Mí México

México is huevos ranchers at once en la mañana, and tacos al pastor at once en la noche
It is being serenaded over comida and sold chicle en el metro
México is attempting to sleep through a lovesick borracho calling for his “Lupe” and mariachis celebrating an engagement
It is churches built on top of ancient pyramids; and a grand city over a lake
México is brown -leathered hands on young boys working in the streets and the wide white smile of the flower peddler
México is dancing en el centro at midnight with strangers and laughing with friends you only just met
It is a father tenderly touching his son and a mother walking hand in hand with her daughter
México is horchata, agua de jamica, guava y rico mango con chile, sal y limón
It is walking past pig heads and sheets of chicharrón hanging from windows, and old men gossiping over café de olla.
México is laughter on the street and listening to el nino canta while waiting for the metrobus
It is thinking I hear a three piece band, only to find it is a trompeta, tambor y armónica all played by the same man
México is “Buenas días every morning on my way to work, buenas tardes all day, and buenas noches as I return home
Es decir, "Mi Casa es tu Casa"
México is buying my chicken from the old man Pedro, my eggs from Luis, and vegetables from Rosaria
It is walking through the maze of colors and smells at el Mercado.
México is having your heart stolen over a guanabana popsicle in Coyoacán; y después de haberlo roto por ricos ojos marrones
Se trata de niños vestidos de payasos performing at street corners while others try to wash car windows
México es familia
It is feeling all alone and afraid and looking up to see the angel glistening in gold flying over her city, smiling down and protecting her gente hermoso
México es bailar
It is the Guadalupe smiling at you from street corners and metro stops, doors and alleys…
México is wishing and hoping for a brighter future, and celebrating a rich past
It is music that truly moves your soul
México is my dream; it is a home for me. I’ve lost myself in the largest city of the world and someone found myself among millions.
Mi corazón está aquí.
I’ve dreamed, and I’ve loved, and México es mi México;
México es Magico.