Thursday, October 29, 2009

What Motivates You?

Hi Ya'll!

I've been thinking a lot lately about motivation, and knowing thyself. In case you haven't caught on, seems like I'm on a real roll with this entire learning about myself- learning who I am- understanding myself. Personal integrity, being true to myself, honoring who I am and acting on it- these are current themes for me.

It's interesting because there a lot of things I've "known" about myself but never really taken time to inspect and really see these things for myself. It's like things I've known, but almost taken for granted. Truly being in the present and caring enough to get to honestly know me has been a really worthwhile journey, I'm happier and happier.

Last night I sat down and made a flashcard of the things that motivate me, and what type of motivation works for me. I'm a "pleasure seeking" person. In other words, you can be motivated by pain or happiness. Pain can be categorized as such things as a bootcamp type yelling or enforcing training methodology, or gaining so much weight that you feel awful (pain) and are spurred into doing something about it, or see a picture taken of yourself and feel so bad about how you look (again pain) you decided to change your diet and get in shape. For the last few years, I have been completely "pain motivated". Handling things only when they were too much to bear and allowing someone close to me to dictate over me in a painful fashion.

Recently I realized that this is entirely wrong for me. I'm not wired (although I'm not saying it doesn't work, or may be the RIGHT motivation for some) that way. I thrive off of positive motivation, which for me means: praise, admiration, encouragement, support, competition, inspiration, knowing it's been done before, and the pursuit of feeling good and being happy.

Actively recognizing this has changed how I approach my goals and get to where I want to be. It's an awesome discovery and I hope that you too will be kind to yourself, and take some time out to reflect and discover how you're motivated; and then be a good enough friend of your own to operate off your discovery.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Health: Allergies?

Hey Guys,

Just got my blood work back from the Doc and am very interested in the results. I have long suspected some sort of gluten intolerance, and other allergies and could hardly wait to find out.

Well, turns out I was right. I do have a gluten intolerance, and turns out a casein intolerance as well. So, my allergies are: aramanth, kidney and pinto beans, cheese, cow and goat milk, pineapple, almonds, wheat, bakers and brewer's yeast, zucchini, and wheat.

The only ones I'm really sad about is the pineapple and zucchini. Pineapple is an addiction of mine, and I eat zucchini like you can't believe. Leads me to believe that some of my cravings may indicate an for thought.

My doctor also said that it's very likely I have a candida overgrowth, which is simply a yeast in the body. You always have good flora in your body, but sometimes due to a number of factors this good to bad flora ratio can be overthrown and the bad starts to dominate.

So what does all this mean? I have had some unoptimal body issues and this helps unlock the door on why. I feel much more cause over my health and empowered with this knowledge.

I'll keep you posted on my new casein, gluten, allergry-free lifestyle! :-)


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Health: Weigh-in #3

Hello Hello!

Drum roll please, it's my official weigh-in for October 24th 2009! I can almost hear the drums if I listen close enough :-)

Today I weighed in at 178.6 lb. This is a 2# from last week's weight in. Yeah :-)

There's a moral in this story: I persevered throughout a minor set-back and did not use it as a justification to blow my plan. I gained weight the week before last, and instead of using that to dig myself into a hole and throw a pity party I was honest about what had occurred and then disciplined myself to get honest and straight.

I have changed my operating basis. I used to use set-backs as a justification to fail; I no longer do that. Now, I confront the situation and perceive what occurred and march onward. Big step.

I wish the same for you all!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Health: Weigh-In #2

Hi Guys!

Well, well, well here we are at week 2 as far as my new Optimal Healthy Lifestyle goes. As my Weight Watcher's leader says, I'm living as a fit and healthy person these days :-).

It has been a stressful week for me a bit...the loss of my cat has been rough for me. It's okay though, losses are suppose to cause some grief. I'm just working on feeling it- and not eating because of it!

I've also started working at my Dad's girlfriend's store here in Texas part-time for the holiday. This is a great gig for me as I now have time to bring in some income, but also pursue finding the passion/ purpose of my life.

If you haven't caught on, or I didn't tell you, I've been on an avid search to find my purpose for being here. I was in a very acceptable, but not personally fulfilling job. I have always been fascinated with learning what I can do, that I truly love, while helping others, and making good money. I'm well on my search and will keep you up-dated.

Did I even mention my weigh-in? Ooops! I was up, 3.2 pounds. I was over my calories about about 1,045- so this is to be expected. No mystery here. It's good to see what I ate, this way I can't rationalize my gain or pretend I just don't know what happened. Honesty works.

Alright, onto another week as a fit and healthy person!

P.S. I really want to learn how to cook some more stuff to change things up!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Celebration of Madeline

Hello Friends,

I'd like to share a special event in my life, and the story of a best friend.

My beloved Persian, Madeline, has passed away and I wanted to pass along her joy, and tell you her story as part of her "Life Celebration".

I used to live in Hollywood, California and was working a tremendous amount and going through a very challenging period. It was the first time I had been without any of my beloved animals and I was in dire need of a furry friend :-) I set out to find the perfect mate, and Madeline is who I found. It was love at first sight when I saw her on the Humane Society website and in a matter of hours, she was at home with me.

Maddie was a beautiful, dainty Persian. Everyone who saw her loved her, even big gruff men who were avowed "dog only" people. It was impossible to be around her and not fall for her- she's just so endearing. People would come over and instantaneously be smitten with her- she just exuded a feeling of joy and happiness all the time.

For me, Maddie was my serenity. She would crawl into my lap when I was working and just hang out while I typed away. In the evening when I'd be in bed reading she would come sit on my lap and just purr. Even at night, she'd sleep on the pillow next to me, or even on my back or stomach. No matter how busy, sad, stressed, or upset I was- Maddie would come to me and "pur" her serenity. She was there for me during very difficult times, and also during great times of happiness and joy. We had lots of fun times and great laughs. She was a family member, and all of my other family members- the humans- adored her :-). My Mom and she were great friends, and my sister would visit me and come see Maddie whenever she could. I also have friends that would come over to see me, but always want to know where Maddie was so they could spend time with her. One of my Mom's friends would come over often and ask if she could just pick her up and hang out for awhile!

I want to thank Ms. Madeline for being here for me and our family. I want her to know she will always be with me and I love her dearly. She was a true friend to me, and brought me joy.

I can't imagine a better little kitty to celebrate, what a little lady.

I love you Maddie,

Tuesday, October 13, 2009



I'm addicted to sugar, it's my downfall and kicking my rear.

Here's the truth, right now I'm just not able to have it- it blows my diet everytime and everything goes downhill when I have it.

I need to continually be honest with myself and act off of what I know. It's just the way it is at this time in my life- period.

It's not about what other people can do or tolerate, how much they can or can't eat- I can't have it- I know this to be true and now it's up to me to have the courage to continually act on this knowingness..........

Jades, Sweet Enough without Fake Sugar! :-)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Zumba, Zumba, Zumba

Hey Guys,

Have you ever Zumbaed? It's a form of dance aerobics - essentially it's dance club music and you dance along with choreography from the instructor.

If you've never tried it, I HIGHLY recommend it! I love to dance, music, and aerobics so it's a perfect match. You should definitely give it a try. I know they offer at my local YMCA, and I'm aware of many other clubs that offer it. I find that working out with a group is really motivating and FUN.

I woke up excited and pumped on the journey I'm on. Sometimes I get anxious about the destinations and it really helps to pull out my "life plans" and look over goals I have and see that I am actually on the road to where I need to be and there's absolutely no need to worry. Don't worry, Be Happy :-)

Go try some Zumba!

Love, Jades

Sunday, October 11, 2009

And then there was Me


Long rainy day here in Austin. But, the rain is good- we had an extremely hot and dry summer so we need it.

Do you ever feel so pumped and ready to do something that you can hardly stand being in your own skin? It's like time just doesn't move fast enough and you have so many ideas running through your head- so fast- that it's all you can do to just "be"? That's me, right now.

Ate way too much this weekend. Well, ate too much yesterday and today- yes, to reiterate- ate way too much this weekend. Yuck. I feel gross. Got that out of my system- keep trucking.

Now I want to go into my apartment and just organize my entire life. Make charts, do analysis, write out dreams, work on my resume, start learning Spanish, practice my guitar, travel to Europe. I want to do it all- right now :-). Pulling an all night -er and just fulfilling every dream sounds intriguing.....Random thought. I get the idea that sometimes I use my overweight condition as an excuse for not pursuing, or doing my dreams- makes things "easier" because I have a justification. I'm stopping that- that's not my story anymore.

My sister is in town and I love having her around, plus she brought my adorable three-year-old nephew. They've been under the weather though and just need sleep and rest time- and this is the exact opposite of what I need. I'm going stir crazy.

My sister is about 3 years younger than I, married and like I said, has a child. She also has a home, and her husband has a cushy secure government job. They do things like have a garden, are putting in a patio, brew beer in the basement, go on play groups to pumpkin patches and make arts and crafts. She can sew, cook, and even speak conversational many ways she's kicking my ass in regular "life things". I get asked all the time if I too am married, have kids, etc. "Nope" I reply, usually forcing a smile because I feel like the inquirer then feels awkward and I want to make them comfortable. It's a strange moment where they realize they've just asked me a question my reply leaves no easy response. What are you suppose to say, "No kids, house, husband- good for you!" The truth is though, like any sibling- my sister and I are very different. I'm not ready for those things in my life, and she is. I will be ready one day- but just not quite yet. I'm working on me, and this is how I want things. It's been about 8 months since I got out of a serious 5 year relationship that completely consumed me. Now is "me" time. Scary, exciting, challenging, adventurous me time.

I'm rambling. I'm going to go hook my dreams to a star.

Your Friend- the Adventurer, Artist, Achiever, Intellect, Spiritual Girl (I took a personality test- can you tell?)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Weigh- In #1


Let's cut to the chase- weighed in at WW today at 177.4. That's .4 down from last week. Last week I did my starting weigh-in at my house and on Wednesday weighed in at my house at 175. Didn't change anything from Wednesday to Saturday- so either the scale at my house and Weight Watchers are different, or bigger portions started creeping in. Honestly, it's probably the latter.

Anyway, a loss is a loss and I'm taking it!

This week, I: ate Paleo 95%, tracked calories with Loose It on my iphone and came out under calories, worked out everyday except Tuesday (Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, and running), and ate a good amount of raw veggies.

This coming week I'm going to get real honest on portion sizes and really work on intuitive eating. I'm going to always eat LESS than I think I want and see how I feel, and only after reassessing my hunger will I go back for more. I'm adopting a little "premeal prayer: Eat with awarness".

This is a life skill I must learn and truly will be what makes, or breaks me so to speak on my quest for optimal health.

That being said, I also posted a Utube video on motivation and feeding the right wolf (positive thinking). Go to Utube and check it out- it's under "Lifewithjades".


Friday, October 9, 2009

Chicken Salad....and pickles

Hey Guys,

My sister and nephew are in town from Ohio so the last few days have been really fun. I love having them around, I'm on a constant mission to get her here permanently...all I need to do is find a great job for her husband, and a house- and sell their house in Columbus- not big deal :-)'

I just saw that a friend of mine is on the cover of a magazine for photography, just seeing this is so inspiring. It somehow makes me feel like my dreams are closer to becoming a reality- knowing someone who has done it. Seeing others make it is truly motivating for me.

Today was my Zumba day exercise-wise. I love this class- it's perfect for me. I adore dancing, Latin music, and exercise- so it's a perfect combo. I'd like to get certified when I'm closer to goal and pursue teaching these classes. I have also picked up some yoga classes to incorporate more deep stretching and flexibility exercises into my routine. I've only done two of these classes, but can tell a difference. I am a firm believer that deep stretching and proper breathing is vital to anyone's exercise routine.

I've been thinking about my dreams a lot lately, namely career-wise and how I am going to accomplish them. I realized something pretty profound for me: there's no need to fret over how it's all going to work out- as long as I am true to myself anything I do will reflect the person I am.
That's a real relief, everything will have me in it- if I do the best I can and act with integrity.

Nice eh?

Okay, sister wants chicken salads with a double side of -yes you guessed it- pickles.

Here's to Dreams!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Health: Motivation

Howdy, Howdy!

So my friends, I'm motivated and doing well food and exercise-wise. Today, right now at this moment I'm motivated and I'm doing great- so I want to strike while the iron's hot and share a little bit about my philosophy on motivation.

Most importantly, STAY IN PRESENT TIME. That's right, simple- but true. Anytime you feel yourself starting to worry or think it's all too hard or you'll never make it- you can instantaneously feel better by taking a moment and centering yourself. Discipline yourself to not think about the past or future and just be. This is extremely helpful to me, especially when I start to think about how much I have to go- or the fact I've been to very close to goal before and then blown it. Those thoughts will only hinder my progress- so I discipline myself to be here, now.

Hand in hand with this is not thinking about all I have to do- or will have to do, but taking it day by day. Sometimes, I even have to take it moment by moment. For instance, the last few nights I've been craving ice cream. I just tell myself, right now in this moment I can do without. Before I know it, I've forgotten about it and am in bed! I'm saying I can never have ice cream but I've already used my weekly points allowance and don't want to dip into my activity points- so I'm not going to have anymore treats this week. So, to win this battle, I'm taking it moment by moment.

Another tip that really helps me, looking at my Vision Board. I have a great Vision- Dream-Goal- whatever you want to call it- Board. When I'm getting dressed in the morning I try to always look at it (it's above my wardrobe and easy to see). Also, when I need some motivation I can just walk into my room and see it- very motivating.

Utube videos, I subscribe to several- and just posted my first ever! These are extremely motivating, it's like having friends along the way to help you.

When you compulsively want to eat something 1) Acknowledge that it is a compulsion and not something you really want (just fake it if you feel like you have to have it) 2) Remind yourself that just because you want something doesn't mean to have to get it right that second- or even at all- people want things all the time they don't run out and get and 3) Tell yourself that you are your own best friend and are making the right decision for yourself.

The last, but not least tip? Love yourself and show it. If you don't feel this way about yourself, then fake it until you- because truly the best motivation is to truly care about yourself and realize you need to take care of you, just as a good friend would. You can even practice telling yourselff that you love you, are important, etc. Who cares if you feel silly- positive thinking brings about positive action.

I care about myself enough to embark on this challenge, and I care about you too- and know we can do it.

Cheers to us!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Monday Ya'll

Good Monday Ya'll!

Hope you had a nice weekend and are refreshed and ready for your week, or if you aren't happily rearing to go, that it is worth it because you had a great weekend.

Not too eventful for me, but productive which is always a good thing in my book. I'm halfway through Barbara Sher's "Classes for Scanners" CDs. It is a great series and I'm learning a lot about myself. Turns out, I'm a Scanner.

What the heck is a Scanner you ask? In a nutshell, it's someone who has tons of interests and wants to do it all. Knowing that I am a Scanner, and that it is fine and that there are certain models of behavior I can follow in order to maximize my productivity is extremely helpful.

Another revelation- I've been trying to set up my living room for weeks and it's just not coming together. I finally realized today that it's not meant to be a living room- it's meant to be a studio! Bingo. Now I'm all jazzed to get it set up and in gear.

Enough about me, hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you're pumped now for the week. Remember, it' s always better to do something than nothing and the way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. Do something that makes you happy today: ride your bike, take some photos, go out to dinner at a new place, draw, write, play in instrument, skip- just something- anything.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Health: Weigh-In #1

Hello Everyone,

So, I am on a weight loss journey- or more precisely a journey to achieve my personal Optimal Health.

I have been yo-yo dieting for most of my adult and teenage life. Actually-truthfully my entire adult life. That being said, I am stopping the yo-yo dieting and creating a new lifestyle.

I am going to have weekly weigh-ins so you can track my progress. My weigh-ins will normally be on Saturday mornings.

My Plan: Weight Watchers Simply Filling Technique/ Loose It on my iPhone to track nutrients and calories. I'm also limiting my fruit to 2 servings a day.

177.8 lb
Fat % 27.8
BMI 23.5
Waist- 33"
Hip- 40.5"
Butt- 42"
Right Thigh- 24"
Chest- 32"

145 lbs
BMI 22
Fat % - not sure
Okay, there it is. I'll weigh in next week and let you know how it went.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Health: Good Reads. Paleo, Raw, and a Potato- oh My!


One of my hobbies is reading nutrition books. I firmly believe in the link between nutrition and wellness. Complete wellness, physically, emotionally, and spiritually is connected to the food you eat. Food is medicine and should be used to heal ourselves from within.

My "bible" is Syndrome X so I'll talk a bit about that first and then other books that dovetail from that. I have read so many different books touting different "theories" that I've honed it down to a few that I use the most. Bear it mind, creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself requires a tremendous amount of personal integrity, so as with anything- take what works for you and discard the rest.

Alright, the BEST book I've read on nutrition/ diet is "Syndrome X". It has three authors, but you can find it under "Burt Berkson". This book really breaks down the overweight epidemic that is currently occuring in the US, and several other countries (although I do believe we are the leaders in this realm). The authors really explain proper nutrition and supplementation, which a lot of other books skip over. There are different plans for people in different health stages and truly is a lifestyle that anyone should follow. I am a little gun shy of even calling it a "diet" because honestly it's much more a nutritional lifestyle book. Great read, I highly highly recommend it.

"The Paleo Diet" by Loren Cordain. Alright, this book builds off of "Syndrome X" and goes even more into the diet specifically (they are not affiliated technically- I just feel this book dovetails nicely with my "stable datum book of Syndrome X.) It explains even more the historic dietary needs of the human race and what foods are most healthful for us. Eating this way has cut down cravings for me and I feel much more clear headed and energized. I am allergic to eggs, so many of recipes are not applicable for my lifestyle- but there are many good ones in the back of the book. Definitely a good read and one to add to your information hard drive.

"Potatoes Not Prozac" by Kathleen DeMaisons. This book goes much more into Sugar Sensitivity which is something I have battled with. I found it a fascinating read because I have observed that certain foods trigger very different responses in me, than my sister for example. It was so helpful hearing that yes, there is a biological difference in how people respond to sugars and then provides a solution if you prove to be sugar sensitive. There's a quiz in the book which can help you determine if you are sugar sensitive. Another great aspect about this book is the journal tools it provides. I have been keeping a food journal for about 4 months now, but Kathleen has journal in a more useful manner. It is helping me become increasingly aware of my physical reactions to things and putting me more "at cause" over my sensitivities. A definite read, ties in very nicely with the above two books. I don't do everything she says, but this book has provided me with additional tools and I'm really glad I picked it up. This is a great read for anyone struggling emotionally and wanting to help themselves through nutrition. The author also has other books relating to behavioral and emotional problems in children which may be on interest.

"Eating in the Raw" by Carol Alt. When I sincerely started my journey to optimal health this was my first read. There is great information in this book on the nutritional benefits of raw foods, as well as plentiful recipes. Raw foods are good for us, to the degree and limit (as in what you'll consume raw) you partake in this lifestyle is completely a personal decision. I'd recommend reading her story and trying a few of the recipes to see what you think.

Last, but not least (I've read about 30-40 nutrition books so this is just a start)- "The China Study" by Campbell. What I love about this book is it really teaches you how to understand nutritional scientific studies. You can then take this information and apply it to any other book or study you come across. It also goes into the benefit of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds extensively. It persuaded me to give up dairy and I'm better for it. It also recommends limiting other animal products, basically stating the more the better. Mr. Campbell is obviously a very intelligent, gifted man who is truly attempting to help consumers understand what they are eating and be able to decipher through the "nutritional" propaganda they are constantly bombarded with.

Alright, I hope you have a chance to check these books out. If you can only read one, I'd choose "Syndrome X". I have personally met Dr. Berkson and he's an amazing man, and healer.

Getting healthy is something I've recently become very passionate about, hopefully these books will help you along your journey to Optimal Health too!