Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Health: Motivation

Howdy, Howdy!

So my friends, I'm motivated and doing well food and exercise-wise. Today, right now at this moment I'm motivated and I'm doing great- so I want to strike while the iron's hot and share a little bit about my philosophy on motivation.

Most importantly, STAY IN PRESENT TIME. That's right, simple- but true. Anytime you feel yourself starting to worry or think it's all too hard or you'll never make it- you can instantaneously feel better by taking a moment and centering yourself. Discipline yourself to not think about the past or future and just be. This is extremely helpful to me, especially when I start to think about how much I have to go- or the fact I've been to very close to goal before and then blown it. Those thoughts will only hinder my progress- so I discipline myself to be here, now.

Hand in hand with this is not thinking about all I have to do- or will have to do, but taking it day by day. Sometimes, I even have to take it moment by moment. For instance, the last few nights I've been craving ice cream. I just tell myself, right now in this moment I can do without. Before I know it, I've forgotten about it and am in bed! I'm saying I can never have ice cream but I've already used my weekly points allowance and don't want to dip into my activity points- so I'm not going to have anymore treats this week. So, to win this battle, I'm taking it moment by moment.

Another tip that really helps me, looking at my Vision Board. I have a great Vision- Dream-Goal- whatever you want to call it- Board. When I'm getting dressed in the morning I try to always look at it (it's above my wardrobe and easy to see). Also, when I need some motivation I can just walk into my room and see it- very motivating.

Utube videos, I subscribe to several- and just posted my first ever! These are extremely motivating, it's like having friends along the way to help you.

When you compulsively want to eat something 1) Acknowledge that it is a compulsion and not something you really want (just fake it if you feel like you have to have it) 2) Remind yourself that just because you want something doesn't mean to have to get it right that second- or even at all- people want things all the time they don't run out and get and 3) Tell yourself that you are your own best friend and are making the right decision for yourself.

The last, but not least tip? Love yourself and show it. If you don't feel this way about yourself, then fake it until you- because truly the best motivation is to truly care about yourself and realize you need to take care of you, just as a good friend would. You can even practice telling yourselff that you love you, are important, etc. Who cares if you feel silly- positive thinking brings about positive action.

I care about myself enough to embark on this challenge, and I care about you too- and know we can do it.

Cheers to us!

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