Thursday, May 6, 2010

Te Amo

Good Evening,

It's an especially lovely spring evening here in Austin. The high 80's day has relaxed into a cool, breezy, evening. The sprinkler is singing it's rhythmic hiss and I'm enjoying the Spanish classic "Si Tu Estas Aqui" by Rosana. It's one of my favorite songs, poetry.

Lifestyle wise I am doing well. I am back on track once again, after adding more fruit to my diet started a snowball that ended with chocolate and ice cream. At this point on my weight loss journey, fruit really needs to be limited. It starts cravings for sugar which leads to over eating and sugar binges. I can tell when it begins because I suddenly begin to think more about food. I prefer freedom from such thoughts and so for now I will continue to keep in around in very limited degrees. Refined sugar is totally out.

Workout wise, thanks to a friend over on Mark's Daily Apple, I've started a weight training routine called Strong Lifts 5*5. I am really, really loving it and can feel my body getting stronger. I am very much looking forward to comparing stats at the end of this month.

Spiritual wise I am fantastic. I've started taking HTP to handle low- serotonin levels (Mood Cure by Julia Ross) and feel a definite difference. I also started Iodine supplementation and my hands and feet seem to be less cold.

Emotionally I am on top of the world. I've fallen in love and am seeing life from the eyes of a blissfully happy girl.

Life is good amigos- I hope yours is too.

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