Monday, April 19, 2010

And then it was time


The shortest distance between two points is a line. True happiness is gained through perseverance and persistence. Confidence is gained from overcoming obstacles and achieving goals. Life is a game meant to be lived as a player, not a spectator; to be touched and experienced rough and real.

Sometimes I fear taking the wrong step or making the wrong decision. I worry about which path I should take or if the one I'm walking along will prove to be the right one in the end. But I've learned something- that any movement forward is better than none; and a "perfectionist" egotistical view of not doing anything because you might stumble or not do something well enough is a cop-out- and it just ain't true. It's a dang good way to hold yourself back and limit potential though...but then again that's not what I'm going for.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. Traveling back from Mexico and arriving in Austin has left me in a weird haze. I'm half Gringa/ half Mexicana. It's great to see my family, but I long for my new friends. I haven't made it to bed before 3am for at least a week, more like two, and I feel hungover during the day. I made the error of partaking is some good ol' American food when I got to the States and it's left me feeling just plain yucky- and now I'm wadding through that wonderful detox phase.

Which brings me back to my point about the shortest distance being a direct line. I'm ready (or as we say in Mexico- "lista"). Lista? Lista for what.

Lista for the next stage. Recently I've been following Jimmie Moore on his Eggfest, and also a Primal Bluepring blogger over at Mark's Daily Apple. What's struck me about both of these men is they're walking the line- they're taking the shortest distance. I'm going to follow in their footsteps.

The time has come to hunker down and take myself to that next level of health. It's been a long time coming and frankly, I've kinda been sitting on my laurels for the last month or so.

So, here we go. It's eleven weeks until my favorite holiday, July 4th. My birthday is in September and I know what I want- Optimal Health.

My plan for the next 11 weeks?
30g or less of carbs (natural) a day
Workout 5 x a week (lift heavy things at least 2x, low level cardio 2x, sprint 1x)
No refined sugars
One scheduled deviation a week, within an hour time period where I can eat whatever I want (well- no dairy, gluten, wheat, or refined sugar- but fruit or corn tortillas, etc).

Get my body fat % down to 22%
Build Muscle
Increase Endurance
Lose body fat!
I have a scale goal- my goal is 150 lbs. The above are more important to me, but this will be a natural occurence if the others are in.

My game plan?
3-5 small meals a day
HFLC (High fat, low carb Paleo)
2 liters of H20/ day
Salad for one meal a day
Calories no more than 1900/ day

So, I'm ready- yes Lista.
You In?



  1. Its good to see people lossing weight and feeling good. My wife has lost 30 pounds this year.