Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hola from Mexico!

Me Amigos, you will never believe where I am- hopefully once you do you will understand my hiatus from blogging.

I am in Mexico City! I know, can you believe it? Let me tell you a story: Since I have been a very young girl I have been fascinated with Spanish and the Latin culture. I think this has something to do with my Italian heritage. There is a real similarity of culture between the Italians and Latinos and I have always wanted to know more about the later.

When I was about five years old I remember standing beside a Mexican family in our local grocery store. I was absolutely enamored with their language and so intrigued at the idea of using different words to indicate the same things. That day, my fascination with language began and it has been tinkering around in my mind since.

This past year has offered me the opportunity to make a complete 360 change in my life (thanks Mom) and find myself. I am vibrantly aware of what a gift this is; the gift of being allowed to pursue your true self and consequently your dreams and goals is invaluable.

That is the short story of how I now find myself, on 9 Febrero 2010, writing to you from a departmento overlooking Mexico City. I have been here three weeks, and in these three weeks have had more life changing experience and growth than I ever could have imagined.

It's hard to know where to start; I want to share all of my experiences with you but there have been so many that delineating this stimulating journey proves a little tricky. Aha, that's it- I think I know how to describe this journey to you: Everything is New.

No exaggeration here, it is all new and different, glamorous and terrifying, challenging and invigorating- and I love it.

To be in an environment where I am constantly challenged is awesome. I am learning Spanish, but am definitely not fluent yet. I am in a Spanish-speaking country where English is not used...... Challengingly frustratingly wonderful? Si! Bring it on, I want this challenge and I will be fluent, as for now it is a "win"to be a Spanish speaker at all- even if I am an infant speaker. I am loving learning the language and will be a successful, fluent, Spanish speaker soon.

I have done many exciting things since arriving here, but am finding that the things I enjoy the most are quiet moments during an extended lunch at a small cafe listening to a musician that comes to serenade us all, watching families on the metro, hearing the different music vendors are selling, and people watching.............

Food and weight wise, I am doing really well. It's extremely easy being gluten free here as corn is the main grain staple. Leche is a bit more difficult to avoid, but nothing insurmountable. I have joined a local gym and frequent it at least four days a week, using doing some sort of cardio 3 days and weights 2 days. I am also walking a lot- a whole lot. Not to mention the 500 something steps I took up the Aztec pyramids.

I am immersed in a culture different than what I've known. It's isolating and welcoming, reserved and effusive, macho and tender,progressive and third world, feo and bonita. Mexico is a beautiful dichotomy and I love it.

I hope you all have the oppurtunity to reach for a dream- you will never regret any movement you make towards your goals.

Abrazos y Besos,
Jade (Hathe en Espanol)

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