Friday, February 26, 2010

Buenos Noches

Buenos Noches Amigos,

Another evening is coming to a close in the fascinating Ciudad of Federal de Mexico.

I realize something about myself, I thrive on new experiences and cultural diversity. I think my friends would be shocked if they decided to visit me here because of how I've depicted Mexico. I've shared the romance, excitement, beauty, and allure that all comes from a new land. In truth, someone else in the exact same place as I may not have any of these sentiments. Just as I find all the wonder of the world here, another would find poverty and the ugly face of class distinction.
Where I see allure and mystery, they would find dirty restaurants and poverty.

I sat at a roadside cafe and delighted in eating my consome de pollo from a broken cup, another would despise this.

Don't you see, I am in my element. Being here among a different people, learning a new language, and experiencing a culture different than my own brings me life- invigorates me- my element is to be out of my element.

This is a discovery, part of the recipe that makes me tick. It is a useful road sign to a life that I love and work that is meaningful. My future is starting to look mighty grand and I'm finding it difficult to control my excitement.

Something about being here is showing me myself; may I never be anyone else again.


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