Friday, March 12, 2010

Self Esteem and Living the Dream


Buenas tardes. It is late afternoon here in Mexico City (DF) on one of the cooler days we've had. I'm enjoying a breeze off my balcony, the fire of chile on my tongue, and the street noises. I can hear a man whisteling, cars bustling back and forth, and the far off stream of an airplane. This city is alive, always full of sound and color.

This week I have been reflecting on self esteem. There was a time in my life where I despearatly wanted to be proud of who I was. I was searching for self acceptance and love, self truth and understanding, and for a true friend within myself. I have found it.

I am on my own personal spiritual journey which has helped lead me to where I am now; and feel that whatever path you take in life having a spiritual base is vital. It is up to you (of course) if you feel spiritual growth goes hand in hand with typical Western religion- but whatever path you take, realizing your existence and potential as a spiritual being is desirable. Life is more than the here and now, we are more than animals, and seeing all the glory you possess is important.

Part of the reason I came to Mexico was to further understand myself (aka my spiritual journey) and build my self esteem.

I have read before that self esteem is commonly believed to be innate and something we are all born with. The author I was reading said this is a falsehood; self esteem is something that is earned through overcoming obstacles and realizing your true strength.

Moving to Mexico was a dream for me, I had many obstacles and hurdles I had to overcome to be here. Luckily I have several people in my life are very supportive and helped me overcome my barriers, but nonetheless in the end it was my willingness to overcome inhibiting fears that landed me here.

Conquering these obstacles and arriving here provided ample challenges. Confronting each one of these and handling them one by one has left me with a much heightened sense of self esteem and provided personal growth.

It has shown me first hand the value of facing dreams and accomplishing them. The personal benefits out-weigh any monetary or material gain; you are giving yourself the gift realizing your potential.

I'm standing proud and sure, and I wish this for all of you.

Go out there and grab yourself some of your dreams.

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