Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vida de Mexico!


Wow, what a week in Mexico it has been.

A friend of mine came from Texas and I played tour guide. It was validating to show him around the city, it demonstrated how I've really created a life for myself here and have established myself. Seeing the city through his eyes also allowed me to re-experience everything from a "newbie" perspective which was refreshing- isn't it amazing how quickly we adapt?

The highlights for me were: enjoying dance with the Ballet Folkloric de Mexico, touring the castle and museum at Chapultepec, people watching Coyoacan, and traveling down the canals in Xochimilco.

Mexico City hosts the largest subway system in the world and it is the ideal way to see the city. A single ticket is only $3 pesos and this gets you virtually anywhere in the city. We became quite the experts with the subway and this provided adventure within itself.

Sunday found us at the Museo de Antropologia. It is the largest museum of anthropology in the world and a definite "must-see" for visitors to this museum-crammed city. It takes you through the Mayan, Aztec, and other indigenous cultures of Mexico, as well as the basic evolution of man and beast. It's comprised of several large buildings, top and bottom floors. The "Louve" of Anthropology if you will. The plaques are in Spanish, so if you're not fluent you might opt to rent a cassette and do a self-guided English tour.

The museum was interesting, but somewhat of an obligatory visit for me. I preferred the museum at Chapultepec which has a more humanistic aspect. The ballet was amazing and something I would highly recommend. Bella Arte downtown is a beautiful site to behold, and Xochimilco is the Mexican version of Venice. Nothing compares to people watching, finding great tacos on the street, hunting down a museum you've always wanted to see, and sharing the your excitement of a new city with a good friend.

Vida de Mexico!

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