Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yo Soy Mexicana

Hola Amigos,

Tonight marks the closing of my first five weeks here in Mexico City. Wow, it has been adventurous to say the least.

This week has been full of adventure, a different kind of an adventure. This adventure has included exposure to my arch enemies gluten and dairy, a surprisingly intense bout of the swine flu, antibacterial injections in the rump, and finally some peace.

I am continuing to learn Spanish and have gotten especially good at reading comprehension. This is helpful, except in the case with menus- the food preparation methods are not listed out as in the US. Thus, I thought I was getting something with corn starch and ended up with a gluten filled dish. It's been about 4-5 months since I had gluten, and this run in has proven to be much less than pleasant. I immediately became sick and soon after got pounced upon by the flu.

This flu is intense- very fast acting and powerful. Extreme dizziness, body aches, inability to sleep, sore throat, swollen body, loss of voice, semi-consciousness, and fever. I ended up going to a local doctor, something I try to avoid, and am happy I did. I immediately received an antibiotic shot and I must return for 3-6 more. I'm already feeling better, and after my first injection was finally able to sleep- Major Triumph.

I figure there's several positive aspects to this: 1) I now will have a stronger immune defense against local germs and 2) I'm officially Mexicana- I mean, the flu germs, the Mexican flu germs, were literally inside of me- I'm as good as a local.

Chalk this up to yet another experience, in a strange and beautiful Land!

Besos Amigos,

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