Monday, August 16, 2010

The No Diet Diet


I'm having an amazing time in D.F., full of daily adventures of course. This week I was pick-pocketed, had my twenty minute metro commute take 2 1/2 hours (there was a fire), and enjoyed a lively Friday night in the Zòcalo.

In my constant quest for optimal health and correct nutritional information I have continued my studies. My most recent reads have been by Geneen Roth(Breaking Free from Emotional Eating) and she has changed my perspective on dieting. She actually has gotten me to see that dieting implies that I'm not trustworthy with my own instincts and should over-ride my body's signals with programs and protocols. Instead of listening to myself and discovering when I'm hungry and how much I should eat I have relied on charts and graphs, "correct" portion sizes, and calorie allotments.

I'm changing all this and taking the journey back to feeling myself and listening to my body.

That being said, I do need to monitor my blood sugar levels and have a gluten intolerance so I am adapting her advice (eat whatever you want, whenever you are truly hungry and only until satisfied) to my situation. Right now I'm working on monitoring my blood sugars daily to see which food and in what amounts are helpful for my body. I'm using Dr. Bernstein's methods, which I highly recommend.

I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want but I love myself and want to push myself towards optimal health on a daily basis, not harm or hinder my health in anyway. My natural diet is lower carb (as this handles my bs levels nicely) with limited sugar and lots of exercise, fun, and relaxation. I do want to release some weight relatively quickly as this is a remedy for high bs as well and will probably use homeopathic hGc. I've used this in the past with success and have not regained the weight I lost with it. It aligns with what I eat already and is a definitely temporary protocol.

It's a bit scary, relying on only myself to make all the decisions as to what is truly best for me; but then again if I'm going to break the dieting cycle, this may be best bet.


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