Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hello World

Well, I suppose the first thing to do is announce myself. "Howdy". I'm Jades, a native Texan living in Austin. Yes, I'm a rare breed, a native Austin gal and proud of it.

Next, let me tell you a little bit about the purpose of this blog. I'm an artist and see the world from this vantage point. My entire life I've loved people and been fascinated with all that we are, but more exciting to me, what we have the potential to become.

This blog is going to follow my journey through life, setting and conquering different goals, meeting new people, learning, most likely lusting at times, but always a reflection of how I'm living this thing called life. I want to live every ounce of it and fulfill my potential; this blog is my journey.

It will have different aspects from health, career, projects, passions, stories, art, science, etc. I hope that you will find something in here that interests you, and better yet, helps in some way.

To that end, it has been very nice meeting ya'll and I'll be here, same place, tomorrow if you'd like to continue along some more.


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